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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Terrorism in Algeria

Recently, their has been much terrorism in Algeria. Basically, Islamists linked to al-Quaeda are fighting against the government.

However, we might ask why such people are fighting against the government. A little bit of research makes the answer clear: the government of Algeria is a repressive, dictatorial government, and most of the terrorism their is state-sponsored.

The government is in office because it blocked the democratic election in which it would have lost to mainly Islamic–based groups. That set off the current fighting. Similar things go on throughout the region. So when you have a government that does not allow the elected leaders to govern, you have such conflicts.

The Islamic insurgents are fighting against the government because they government would not allow free elections, which would make the Islamists in charge.

Also, the Algerian government is conducting much state-sponsored terrorism that is makings the insurgents even more angry. And the France provides much of the weapons and military equipment that Algeria uses for repression and terrorism against its people.


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